My new playlist


Today, Writing 101 ask me to write a list. I wonder, what kind of list I should write. Linked-list? Double Linked-List? Or maybe a Sentinel Node? (I wonder anybody will understand -_- ) (Forget it!)

Well this time I will write a list (not like I said before). My playlist come to my head when I read about list. I put some new arrangement into it. Here it is:

  1. Aqua Timez – Ketsui No Asa Ni
  2. YUI – Fight
  3. Aqua Timez – HOME
  4. Aqua Timez – Saigo Made II

It just 4 of them. But they can make me open my eyes again, open my mind. They told me not to give up on my dreams. Whatever happened on your way, do your best. Do everything to make others accept you.


Mempercayakan impian pada hal yang lain selain diri sendiri,
Apakah benar-benar akan berakhir dengan baik?
~ Aqua Timez, Saigo Made II

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